So, Urf is coming in ALL RANDOM, well...... i have a weird suggestion

First of all, not sure if this is the right topic category i am in. _second of all, im listening to Yorick {{champion:83}} login screen while typing this (Love it!!!) _ Anyway, remember back in season 1 ( or 2? ) where there was an **Urf champion** released for a really short period? No? well..... here's a Redmercy's video link if you don't know him: Ok, you're probably now know where i'm going. I'm suggesting adding this champion back _**(Only in Urf mode)**_. Ofcourse, he has to be fully reworked in everything but it would be a cool idea. **"What does this have to do with ALL RANDOM?"** Well...... a random player from each team receives Urf the Mantee champion. So players won't have to fight for it! What do you think?
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