I Want to Jungle OR Support!

These are my mains. I want to play either of these. If I pick Support as secondary I AM SUPPORT 100% of the time. I literally tested this, and I played 40 games with support as SECONDARY, and I got support every, single, game. 40/40. So if I want to jungle I have to pick something else, like MID, TOP or ADC. I suck at all of these, and I AM NOT INTERESTED in playing them anyway. This new champ select is forcing me to either play support 100% of the time, or play a role I dont want half the time. This needs a fix! I am so tired of it! It shouldnt be too diffcult, just let the finder try to find me my primary role for a few minutes, instead of insta-finding me a game as support. I have made threads about this before, but its getting even worse. It needs a fix, or at least an acknowledgement that it is a problem. PS. I know support is the least played class and thats why it is this way. No need to lecture me on this. I dont care. I want to play roles I enjoy, not forced into playing MID or 100% support.
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