Another nerf? Really?

I just saw the nerf riot is planning for akali in 10.3, this is NOT a nerf, this "nerf" will just end whats left of her. (Even more) W nerf is fine, both R changes, the targetted R1 and massive speed reduction of R2 are NOT okay. Is akali op? Id say NO, she can be annoying and has a really good early but... from there to op theres a HUGE LEAP, with this W nerf/change she will have a tough time overall specially in teamfights, the R changes are COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY. Do you want me to give you a huge list of ACTUAL OP CHAMPIONS? Alright, here goes the hatred of 10 thousand years: - Lee Sin: Point and click R that can decide games and allows you to have a 100% chance of hitting Q, if that doesnt sound like a problematic ability, then akali shouldnt be either. - Illaoi: UNFIGHTABLE champion for melees, do you dodge all her tentacles? Who gives a shit, youre getting destroyed anyways LUL. Losing the game? who cares, Flash ult 1v5 and pentakill them while being 0/15. - YasuOP: Welcome to the pinnacle of absurdity, x2 crit and a shield on just a PASSIVE, 2 abilities with 0 CD one of them have AOE CC and another is mobility (What could go wrong?), you can give him aswell an ability that stops ALL projectiles and just for the LULZ if 1 AOE CC wasnt enough just give him another one that can be delayed an eternity and also gives him armor pen (WHAT COULD GO WRONG?) - Zed: Ever wanted to experience the feeling of playing a well balanced game? Yes? then Zed is NOT FOR YOU, hit 3 of your basic abilities WITH HUGE RANGE, 0 RISK AND BLOW 80% OF THEIR HP ALL THAT AT 0 COST BECAUSE YOU HAVE NO MANA! Tanks? Whats that? Ult them and deal 2k damage with your ult, because 300 armor and 3k hp is not enough to stop you! (AD off) PD: BalanZed h3h3. - Aphelios: Im gonna be honest here, i havent read what his abilities do BUT i have seen him killing entire teams with his ultimate and sniping people from 100 to 0 at x4 caits range, i dont know about what you think... but theres something wrong here. - Ekko: Do i REALLY...? Do i really need to say anything? Didnt community bash you enough already asking for nerfs? - Diana: "Rework" my ass, you gave her another source of damage and a huge boost to her passive and called it a rework which is why shes bursting people with conqueror AND if you manage to somehow survive her burst you get DPS'ed down by a 90% attack speed passive, good design riot. - Cass/Ryze: These two are pretty similar, they beat you at ranged AND melee, ryze headbutting his keyboard as hard as he can, cass just mashing E but riot still consider them to be fair (Btw, the rooting mechanic works well on singed but not on a busted mage, miasma is UNHEALTHY AF for the game) - Kass: KassaWIN is back, the "I got level 11, archangel staff and rod of ages, omae wa mou shindeiru" champion, meanwhile riot... "Kassawin has been overperforming, so we stole him his pinkie toe... -5 MS" - Blitz, thresh and naut: The holy {{item:3078}} of fake hitboxes, their Qs literally expand over their original range/hitbox to get you if youre just a little bit away. - Mordekaiser: *Insert ekko text here again* - Vlad: Ah yes, the 0/9 Vlad bursting everyone while invulnerable because he has protobelt and zhonyas. - Yi: Yes YI, the only real counter to yi is lulu polymorph and he can just get QSS and annihilate your entire team by pressing RIGHT CLICK. I know yi is not a problem in a team with communication but as much as you can try to communicate with your team it wont happen at all... so yi will keep doing what he does best: Right click and win. And i could fit Fizz, Rengar or blue Kayn here aswell for obvious reasons. I know akali is not fun to play against, but the ones listed here are much worse, league is infested with problematic champions and the only option you consider is to kill one and let the rest do whatever the F they want? Bruh... PD: Dont mind my grammar, i know it sucks. {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
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