ARURF is the most toxic iteration of URF to date - but there's only ONE reason why.

It lacks a ban phase. URF was bad enough before, but at least in blind pick you could ban the worst offenders and pick "safe" picks. Now you're left to drift, wether you can enjoy the game or spend 20 to 40 minutes suffering in a state close to sobbing uncontrollably completely decided through luck. I just experienced a game where the enemy team refused to finish. They'd sit behind our nexus, close to the spawnpad and wait for us to spawn. Their team comp allowed us to safely and comfortable pick us off the instant we respawned. This continued for 16 minutes, because when we tried to surrender the vote was denied due to three people leaving the game but not yet being registered as afk, hence only two people voted to surrender. So thus we sat there. Unable to level up while our enemies kept leveling up again and again from spawnkilling us. Until the game finally decided the three leavers werent returning and let us end the suffering. Tl;dr: Just spent 38 minutes sitting on the spawnpad being perpetually spawnkilled again and again because ARURF decides how every game will play out. Please add a ban phase, at the very least.
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