Buff riven pls

As a riven main with tier 7 mastery I am graciously asking for some buffs. Riven is totally underpowered. Her cd? way too long. Like legit, eventhough I always build 45% cd, its still too long. Eventhough i can chase people asap, i need a way to continously dash? you know. like yasuo but i wouldnt need cs. But more than that i need a shield. Ad scaling shield? hmmm it needs more ad ratio. Pls also increase her passive. I mean you seriously expect us to have a good lane with a free sheen only? Like come on man. add a whole trinity to her passive as well. needs more mobility . Her ult is too weak imo. Like ik it got buffed but it needs more dmg. Like pls. Its aoe but come on. I need more dps to get challenjour. I also need some more aoe cc man. I cant jump in 1v5 this way. sure my ult + 3rd Q and W is not enough. Man needs more shit man. I am legit the next box box.
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