Caitlyn ult

I've been thinking about caitlyns ult compared to other similar. Now it's not global and I guess the closest thing to compare is jihn but I've compared to the other global adc ults. It's kinda useless. Take away the globalness of ez, ashe and jynx and just thunk of it as a big thing that does damage, well ashe has a massive stun, ez can use his to damage multiple people or wave clear, jynx does more damage if you land it and jihn also does more damage and applies slow. Caitlyn is a guaranteed hit, well yeah, if someone doesn't block it. And even when it lands it doesn't really do a lot of damage and it has no cc. I was thinking, make it do loads more damage, but make it do 25% damage if it gets blocked by someone. Also make it so towers can block it, that way you dont get cheese lane kills, but it would feel like a proper offensive tool. Maybe I'm just being picky, I just feel ultimate abilities need to be... Well... Ultimate. What's your thoughts on this? Tldr; catlyns ult needs more lots more damage but should do much less damage when blocked and towers should also block it
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