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I'll copy paste what i wrote on reddit: I've spent some of my time reading "Ask Riot". And i have some ideas, some questions, and some solutions to propose. First of all, the most recent Ask Riot.About the autofill and then the "nobody wants to support" thing. I am a support main, but there are some things that i can understand about the whole situation. First of all support suffers of some problems (they all have some solutions tough): 1) Forced itemization, while meta in general is more referred to Champions it does exist also a "items meta". Support are way more under this restriction than other Champions. In total there are 6 slots right? Now 1 of these MUST be occupied by the sightstone. 1 by the support item (well you can fuse them in the hybrid item, but still let's go for the general "worst case") 1 other must be left free for control ward OR occupied by a control ward and at least 1 is left for the "current meta best support item" Remember when it was all redemption? Well. That's it. 4 slots will Always be for these items. There are 2 slots free. Oh wait: boots and the second best support item. But these Champions have also scalings. Well i mean "that extra AP" will slow a bit more if you're Janna, that extra armor will save your ally. But the general painting is that no matter what you'll probably end the same way: an ambulance. Yeah your kit changes the way you play (I'll come to this soon), but you will build (at least if you want to climb) in the same way, in the way the meta wants. (I'm not against the meta per se, in general i'm fine with Champions being meta or not, but items... There are many solutions for this: reforming the wa you buy items (you can have offensive slots, defensive slots and utility slots and you can put only some items into some slots, of course some Champions would have different slots, having, or better, choosing to have, more offensive slots if you go assassin for example). This could be way too complicated too. So you can link to some support items and some conditions trough the game to some "extra slots" you know you buy a ruby sightstone and after you "Spot 40 enemies with your wards" you unlock one new slot. Ideas. Another problem for supports: depending on others. I'm well aware that you can carry as a support, this is 100% true, but there is still a problem: how do you carry as a support? I play thresh and other aggressive Champions. You carry doing the right picks. Yeah. Not true. You carry saving others from their errors. Let's check each support. At least every proper support. They will Always have a way to save-shield-heal-resurrect. And from one point of view this is really good, this leads to outplays, or tricks, advanced engages and so on. From another point of view not, and we have to analyze the worst case scenario, so i'll do it. You have to save your allies, you have to take the place of your adc because it's better that you die and not your vayne that is 5 - 1 and will give a shutdown. Also if maybe was she who started the 1 v 3 because i'm fed- i'm gosu. I like this when it does succed, but omn average? On average you just have to repair the mistakes of others. Well it's ok, i also know this is approved and took in count at the end of the game, but... is this fun? This is the point. Does this satisfy you? Does this enjoy you? Doing calls, engaging, saving, cooperating, enpowering this is adrenaline, this is supporting. Being the babysitter? This is frustranting. On top of that "public reconoissance". I don't care, i never cared, i'm ok with the fact that you probably won't get honored and ok. But the average player cares. The average player wants to be upvoted. And with the new Honor system this will also become "less likely" for supports. It already was before. Now even more. An hint... it could have been kept like it was PLUS adding an "MVP honor" (the current one)... still you could've received from time to time that good teamwork. Let's summarize it: 1st problem is itemization ( i think that also more items should do the work), 2nd problem is the babysitter state of supports. THe combination of 1 and 2 brings also the result that "each champion can support" (i know it's an exaggeration), but still it's that, you'll end doing the same things, or at least winning or losing because of the same motivations. You can be a thresh or a lulu or a karma. If your adc gets caught you have to go in save in and probably die in his place (example of course). You'll build a Locket no matter what and so on... Anyway if you are confident and way more than average these problems don't come. If you know what to do and what the enemies won't do you can choose beetween many more items, find YOUR build and so on, just... players are not encouraged to this by the role itself. Let's go into something totally different. I sent an Ask Riot and there i put a question about some "less than 2 minutes modality" to play in queue or right before the match. Have you ever played a console game like... well budokai tenkaichi? Remeber Vegeta doing ups or gohan extracting the sword or Goku eating ramen? Or have you ever played Fifa ( i never, but i've seen) and before the match you train to hit the ball properly? Well something like that.... dunnow i have many ideas: -A singularity/bloodmon mode with low cap (50) -A find the teemo/Catch the bard minigame -A practice for skillshot/lasthitting/kiting/jungling -A 1 v 1 me bro mode -An interactive story gamemode (like you play and you discovers the lore of some Champions) Speaking of modalities something like an horde invasion-zombie invasion-harrowing? As five vs randomly spawning ghouls, zombie nunu, zombie brand, fiddlesticks, maokai, zyra (haunted), Yorick. You have to resist raid after raid, while also enemies get stringer (zombie minions- caster-melee-cannon-superminions). MOrdekaiser with the phantom drake. It would be WAY similar to teemonimicom, but i'm thinking more like an arcade raid game, i think you get the point right? I wanted also to know... why not more items that are SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT from each other... 2 runaans, 1 that gives more crit chance and one that gives more attack speed for example? 2 different trinities, one like the current one and one that goes into the aps side (not lich bane of course) SOmething like deadman but based on magic resitence.... i'm not speaking of niche items like draktarr, i get why that has to stay alone.... I speak of situations similar to titanic/ravenous hydra... just why not having more of these they'll add variety (like the new runes will i think) One more thing, filling queue: I tought of this many time, the possibility to enter a game already started if there is an afk player. It would work this way: if someone is afk for more than 5 minutes the match goes to a special queue called "currently playing" An external player can look for a match in this queue. When found the game itself will show to the player current stats, champion and situation. Then he agrees to play as a substitute. The game will lend to theplayer runes, masteries and the champion of course. This won't solve afk problem, but can mitigate it. Also the player that plays this filling match will earn somethingmore in terms of honor and ip If the old afk player returns he can ask to the substitute player to swap again, but it will depend only on the substitute player to agree or not. All of this only for normal games i dunnow about ranked if it gets dangerous

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