Cleanse effects

Cleanse Cleanse is a self-targeted summoner spell. Its primary function is to remove active crowd control effects, allowing the summoner to continue pursuit or escape.
Guys I just wanted to talk about how Cleanse{{summoner:1}} really works because I had a lot of trouble in fully understanding the real effects of the spell. Cleanse{{summoner:1}} removes all disables, (as it is written) but what most summoners don't know is that it doesn't work on <<Suppression>>. Suppression is an effect caused by{{champion:90}} Malzahar's and Urgot's{{champion:6}} ultimates. Many times I have tried to cleanse{{summoner:1}} Malza's ult and I had to search it up to see the full effects of the spell. Please everyone read the article i pined and please Riot make a small indicator or something that analyses these facts: it doesn't work on summoner spell's like Ignite{{summoner:14}} but will reduce the movement speed effect from Exhaust{{summoner:3}} and of course the ultimates of the champs I mentioned before . Thank you very much for your time, and visit the link for further details. If anyone knows more or thinks something of what I wrote is wrong please comment, I appreciate any opinion.
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