Vayne needs to go, right now...

no way a champ should be this hard snowballing so oppressive when fed, it's an absolute joke, most champs you can fight back vs even when fed as a team, but since riot thinks her roll should be on a 0 second cooldown (and turn her invisible so it's guessing game to where she will pop up), bonus movement speed and the joke that is her true damage hp bolts, it's not happening With the new runes adcs got buffed through the roof, now vayne is on godlike levels, it's unbelievable how she's still gone unnerfed. she's burning through adcs in 2 hits, tank mowed down because of her true damage and slippery as all hell due to her q. don't even bother pulling the 'she's got no range' as she's only 50 range under ashe and her constantly rolling puts her close. don't worry for those who tell me to 'just ban her' I'm sure as hell going to. I'm not sure how you guys can go about playing vs a champ that can LITERALLY 1v5 your entire team due to the fact that she's so mobile and hard hitting while keeping so much attack speed. there's no downsides to this champ, other than if you're behind you'll be 3 shotting most carries instead of 2, so you're out of luck there remove this %hp true damage joke of an ability, set it to a flat number or give it a cooldown (if fiora got nerfed then why isn't this adc being nerfed) she's not helpless without it, it just a quality of life ability that makes dealing with anything building armour a synch, which is the only thing you can build to protect again adcs (i guess health but with the ability you take more, so good luck there)
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