The most team-independant champions

ok guys, i would like to know your opinions on the subject. and the subject is- which champions are the best for a player that wants to care as little as possible about the performance of his teammates, and still win some games. because well, sometimes we all lose faith in the fairness of matchmaking, right? NOTE: it is not about BEST champions for solo Q or, gods forbid, organised gameplay. Champions like Zac, Gragas, Malphite and Amumu are great for solo Q, but they fail at being totally team-independant. You can land a 5 man Malph ultimate, but it all will be for nothing if your teammates decide that wolves and raptors are great objectives to take at the given moment. So, here are the champs that are on my list: {{champion:120}} - sonic boom someone, push his turret, gallop away when people come to respond to your push. rince repeat. {{champion:5}} - strong early game ganks, monster lategame. one of the champions with killing potential that can cc their prey for themselves and with enough defensive value in their kit already. {{champion:1}} - a permanently open option of trading your flash for carrie's life {{champion:23}} - my team feeds, gives away dragons... and i am just sitting there mauling the inhibitor. {{champion:35}} - while not as hard-carrying as the champions i have mentioned above, he can still do one thing by himself- he can singlehandedly destroy oponents morale. this can also result in victory (fu if you play this champ) {{champion:236}} - dash bam-bam. piercing light whaaaa-tatattatattatatatata, dash away, bam-bam catch me if you can.
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