ADCs flaming Supports for taking kills.

For all you main ADCS out there, read this and remember it. This epidemic has got to stop. YOU, should be focusing on farming, YOU should be focusing on dodging enemy poke. I, should be poking the enemy bot laners, i should be harrassing, and if by mere chance i happen to make Such an amazing play that i get their adc down to 10% and you fail to follow up properly, IT'S NOT MY FAULT!. The adc's default way to get gold should be farming minions. getting fed off kills is a pure bonus. I WILL secure every kill i feel like you're not gonna take. I WILL take the kill if it means saving your ass because the next AA to hit you would mean your death. I AM the one who calls the shots on bot lane, not you. And you know why is that? Because i am the one with the CC, shields and heals. You are a mere damage bot. instead of crying you didn't get the kill, use the advantage i gave you to farm 600 gold for free because the enemies are dead. I was laning with a jinx the other game and we dominated bot lane so bad. My jinx adc was 2/1/4 and i was 3/0/2 as lux support. He wasn't even happy about stomping the bot lane, he was too busy flaming me for stealing "HIS" kills, tilted so bad, threw the game, started dying idiotically, ignored all objectives and simply flamed in chat all game. He didn't even care that he got a total of 450 gold from those 3 assists, he just flamed and flamed. Take a guess at it(we lost).
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