Why is zoe even still in the game

So okay where should I start with this? Oh I know lets just talk about every single ability. Okay so actually I think that her Passive , ult and q are actually fine, her other spells are kinda %%%%%%ed actually. So lets start with her e cuz thats not going to take as long as to flame on her w. Those sniped through terraine hitting you over a 6th of the map are toxic as hell. Riot games will not get people to like the champ if he just oneshots you without you being able to even see her. The cc is fine its neither too long nor too short, the time it needs to activate the sleep is aso fine but I have once again have some problems with the hitbox. WHEN the hell is riot going to fix these things in their game. There are tons of videos out there where it just glitches over half of midlane suddenly hitting the enemy and granting zoe a free kill. So lets talk " a bit " about her w This is the most stupid ability there is in this game. And it is actually pretty sad that there is something more stupid than percent max health true damage like vayne. So to start off with this: Damage and movespeed is not someting that should be on a spell that can give you 5 free flashes, really and the fact that it almost deals the same damage as ahris w (even though it has been nerfed) is actually dumb. Ahris w only damage whilst zoes`deals damage, gives her movespeed, gives her random spells and items and enemies spells and items. There is literally nothing more broken than this. Winning your lane with this champ is just luck, it depends on whether you get some good spells and items or not. And its just frustrating to see, that she just wins her lane, because she gets a free ignite for doing literally NOTHING. The problem with zoe is: You cant balance her in the way she is now. You can remove as much damage as you want, the problem is actually her spell kit and design itself. You actually have to remove or rework the whole cha mpion in order to make him be accepted by a big part of the community.
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