League is not as fun as it had been.

Hi, When I first started league, I remember how i had fun, there were many different ways to win and it was fun. I like the new rune system, but i hate how the game is boring now. Mid is just push and roam, anything else you try will not have much of an impact. Top is somewhat skill based but there are champs that completely remove that. Jungle is the only role that has a big impact on the game and most of the times is fun. Bot lane is just boring. I hate how I can't solo win the game anymore, I have to rely on my team to not mess up. And that is what league is now, it is just "Do this and don't mess up and follow this pattern". I hate that, I like games where if I'm good and I manage to pull off a big play, I can solo win. I hate where sometimes it feels like you can't do anything. The matches are too long and the outcome is just annoying. Riot made the game too easy to play and oversimplified it too much and made it less dynamic. "New runes" added not that much new, most of the runes are previous keystones just slapped on with a different name. Riot added voice chat only for premades, like yeah thanks I have my premade on discord already. Even if voice chat was able to be used in 5v5 with your team, it is too late now, and that is what I hate about riot. There are some champions that need reworks, bug fixes and buffs, riot just leaves them in thinking the more the better. Riot just having more champions is not good if only 20% of them do their job better than the other 80%. I left this game around 3 times, the last one was because I found a game called paladins and the game was fun until they messed up the game. They reverted all they had done wrong, and the game is fun to play again. So if paladins messes up again I will be returning to league or maybe not if I find fortnite more enjoyable. Goodbye Riot, goodbye toxic players, goodbye trolls that happen too often for some reason and a big thank you and goodbye to the good and positive players for making the game more enjoyable and fun.
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