It's always the support :/

So was just in a game as soraka support, enemies jumped in level 2 determined to kill us, I did everything I could to save my teammate: exhausting the enemy, putting my silence down, landing it's stun, autoing the enemy, using my starcall, and doing my best to body block the enemy to save my teammate, however he still died, but the enemies were low enough that I could get the kills so picked up a double, and the game was going well in bot lane, my adc was getting fed, jungle ganking and us picking up kills, getting the enemy turret, but mid and top had lost their lane by being too greedy and going in too early/late and dying before I'd even got to level 6. Then because mid was losing, the enemies all came mid and pushed, I picked up another during the team fight, and my top lane and mid lane say in all chat "report soraka for trolling and ksing" because they both died at the start jumping into a 1v5 one after the other. Game ended with me doing almost equal to the rest of the enemy team damage, with most healing from trying to save my teammates The enemy lee sin main was fed by this point, bot was the only lane with an enemy turret, our jungler was good always ganking, mid and top moaning at them for "or ganking every time that they died" I'm not saying I'm the best soraka, in fact I'm nowhere near the best soraka player (average kda for soraka is 6.5/10.4/20.8 (2.62) Average kda for my support champs are 7.62/7.46/23.65 (4.19) so she is below my average) but at the same time, games like the one above wasn't my fault at all that we lost, yet I got blamed for being the support. I also had a game before during my ranked placements, I was Taric support with ezreal adc, against a jhin. The jhin ulted and we were both low, so I tanked one of them and started moving to the side to get out of the ult range, ezreal stood still, I healed and shielded for the second one and ulted the third one, by this point I was out of the range of the ult but my adc was still just sta walking directly backwards in a straight line, not even trying to dodge it or use heal, they then died and wrote in all chat "report support, no help" I've been in so many games as support (I know junglers get it sometimes too) where people have flamed me for the game being lost even though it wasn't my fault, yes not all of the games go well, and yes I do make stupid mistakes sometimes, but why, when it isn't our fault at all do people still blame us for the loss of a game?
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