about the riven buffs

as a riven main these buffs looks useless,unneeded and are making her slowly more broken which will end up by nerfing an important and useful part of her kit (dmg ,cooldown ,shield,mobility...)in next patches from now and shows how riot are being blind about their game so what i think would be better is either revert the cooldown nerf on her ult(at least make it as it used to be at lvl 3) or revert the missile speed change on her ult or if you don't want to then stop buffing things that would make her several patches from now more strong and broken and will end up ruining her like you did with her in this preseason and leave her as she is right now she isn't that terrible she just is harder to fit and less popular which isn't bad considering how she is hated by the community she is just balanced.
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