Know that not everyone that has a bad game is a FEEDER!

Like, people just like to decieve the blame to others, specially the one who didn't do that good, let me tell you a secret: PEOPLE HAVE BAD GAMES, MAY BE A BAD MATCH UP, THE ENEMY JUNGLER IS CAMPING THEIR LANE, THEY AREN'T PROS WITH THE CHAMPION THEY ARE PLAYING, ETC... Please, just realize this, if top is "feeding" and you as the mid laner just flame him, what do you expect? Him to magically go like: "oh right, my team is innsulting and demoralising me, i think i have to do better" -.- logic pleaseeeeeeee; why don't you as the mid, why don't don't you go top and help him? Or if bot is "feeding", top, do a tp gank, jungler, gank more often; or even if the jungler is "feeding" let him stay in your lane to cath up, AND DO NOT FLAME YOUR JUNGLER, DO YO EXPECT HELP FROM SOME ONE YOU HAVE BEEN FLAMING?!?!? emmmmm NO. If i'm the jungler and bot flames me, i'll just mute them and never go bot, PLEASE, LEARN TO BE DECENT HUMAN BEINGS, thank you
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