Which Champ Requires the Most Skill to Play

Hi guys, I've been queued up with a few Kalistas recently. Seems she is a hit or miss champ (not talking about her skill shot), with that I mean she either wrecks or fails completely (I seem to fail with her completely). When looking at how some people can her, using her little jump etc to totally dominate it would appear she requires an awful lot of skill to not just master but play halfway decent. Which champs do you find the hardest to play? P.S. Just a cool tip regarding SKILL-shots, I used to be horrible at them (like missing Braum's "R" bad) then another player suggested I pick up Vel'Koz to learn skill shots seeing as 3/4 of his abilities are skill-shots. I initially sucked (no surprises there) but after mastering him/her/it I no longer sweat skill-shots at all.
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