Riven mains ? I know you can see this.

Hello summoners! I will start from the beginning. So after playing this game from season 4 start I never found champion that I would like and would consider as my main. Every champ that I tried and that looked fun to me got bored pretty fast and I stopped playing him/her. I tried many champions from A to Z I have over 200k points on Ahri thought she was the one but neah. I tried lux she seemed fun but got bored after 40+ games or so. I used to play Sona a lot in season 6 but I felt like shes not for me, tho I really love support role. So after some thinking and trying out some stuff I came to Riven. She looks fun I like her kit I like that she is high risk high reward champion and that shes very challenging. I'm that type of person that likes hard to master/get things and if u master them u can do a lot. So I came here to seek for help. Any tips/tricks? I watched some videos from Exile used to watch a lot of BoxBox I know some combos already tho I get gloomy when I fail them but I guess that is normal when u try to learn something hard. So I hope this community will help me out >:)
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