This is the last time trying to adress the problem for support summoner spells

The direction that riot has taken with summoner spells is the following one: "we won't change them in summoners' rift" and i'm totally ok with it. But this can create a problem: stabilizing the number of summoner spells means that certain roles can't function with all summoner spells or with the majority of them. That means they can function only with two or three max selections of summoner spells where one of them will be core to their kit and will always be used(flash for supports). So it doesn't make sense trying to convince yourself riot that all roles should have, with the current options of summoner spells, a variety for their summoner spell selections. In this category supports fall into. And which summoner spells where effectively used by supports and not only for some weird, extremely situational strats? Exhaust and Ignite with flash of course. However the problem for supports in that case(the case: no change to the number of summoner spells/ no new summoner spells made) is ignite. There are only two problems with ignite in this senario: feels underwhelming to use for non offensive support champions(soraka, janna) and it doesn't match the playstyle for majority of the offensive ones since the job of the majority of the offensive supports(exeption: pyke) is to primarly snowball their adcs(pyke wants to snowball his entire team by killing, other offensive supports like leona want to snowball their lane partener-they can't snowball the entire team cause they can't roam like pyke and also MUST NOT take kills frequently from their teamates). What exhaust had that ignite don't? Supportive capabilities. Used to: reduce dmg, slow movespeed and attack speed by a % and reduce armor and mr for 2.5 secs. Now only reduces dmg and slows movespeed which is simply not enough for any support to do its job. It no longer provides offensive tools for offensive supps and it's not longer a threat for enemies in teamfights since it doesn't push them to play around it at all since it no longer has zoning tools and decision making for the enemies which one to protect from the exhaust. They simply wait until its duration ends which is not all that long for what it provides since damage reduction can be ignored from champions like vayne, kayle which is very broken as well(champions damage output based on true damage). Ignite is for finishing and killing and it fits the playstyle of a solo laner or jungler or support's partener. The only utility it provides is grievenous wounds but as i said in one of my previous post grievenous wounds can be inflicted much more reliably and effectively from items(aoe grievenous wounds infliction by someone like annie with her ult plus morello or draven with ult and executioner's culling). Ignite only boosts Kdamania and it makes people play greedy chasing kda numbers and not truly performing as a traditional support should. If this felt an overload of info check this: flash is always used and if not then u are not playing support, heal is a pleonasm since your lane partener, 90% of the time, will have heal or u will have heals and shields in your kit or items(redemption/locket of the iron solari) any other summoner spell is completely useless for a support so what's left: exhaust and ignite. Which one feels like it serves right the playstyle of a traditional support? Exhaust. Is it viable? No, extremely situational, almost not used. So what we do? Make exhaust a summoner spell for supports once again. A proposal: At level 1 after your summoner spells unlock, u must press either d or f button( depending on which button matches the summoner spell shard that u have put exhaust into) plus either 1 or 2 button to unlock one of two versions of exhaust until level 11. Version 1: If one of your allies is damaged or cced near u or u near them by one of your enemies, u can cast exhaust to those enemies to reduce their dmg by 40% and their movespeed by 20% for 2.5 (if the target is cced and can't move the 2.5 second slow is applied afterwards). Version 2: If one of your allies or u near your allies damages or cces an enemy champion, u can cast exhaust to that enemie to reduce his movespeed by 20% and his armor and mr by 10 (if the target is cced and can't move the 2.5 second slow is applied afterwards). After level 11 the two versions are compined and no allies or enemies are needed to activate exhaust. Exhaust can always be casted to reduce dmg by 40%, movespeed by 20% and ar and mr by 10 for 2.5. At level 16 exhaust also slows attack speed by 30%. That way exhaust can't be abused by solo laners or junglers because it was very broken and unbalanced in its previous state(pre-patch 7.5) for them. If u don't make this change or see the problem u will still hovering around trying to find why the support role is problematic and after years of trying to make it work propertly and make it viable u still can't do anything to fix it like ryze. U will end up doing a class update for supports screwing them up completely like the assasin update and this time people won't care about supports since for the majority of the player base is the worst role they can possibly get in a solo queau game. Lol is a game of resources, is a battle ground trying to take advantage over objectives that's why supports lack in this game and there is nothing u can do about it because if you do change their playstyle they are no longer supports. They lack consistency, their entire role lacks consistency and in order to have it, they need other tools(runes, items, summoner spells) and not necceseraly their own kits. I love playing as a support and i want to see my role to function right. I want to play traditional supports and not like Pyke that is something else, something that matches the standars of the game. Traditional supports don't without tools. If u don't wanna change exhaust then u have to add a new for supports or u are taking an one-way direction with this role: distruction and the funny thing about it, it's that u can't see it as a balance team, a game where u have created and a simple solo queau average player can see it. U are impotent and lazy. I'm sorry but that's u have proved in the last years with your changes. Truth hurts but instead of keeping your heads up, lower your egoism and put your heads done and do some essential work god damn.
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