Give riven energy.

So what's been bothering me for way to long now is riven, and how riot Simpy ignore hear extreme dominance. She has absolutely no resource for using hear skills, so she can simply spam as much as she pleases. And the worst part about it is that if you're and squishy adc or apc she needs only to land ONE skill at you to kill you. and one other ting, who decided to give hear shield that scales on ad, like what the fuck you allow this champ t go glass cannon and still be the tankiest shit in the whole game simply cause of a shield with a cooldown of 2 seconds (if 40% cd). so this leaves me to my final conclusion, i will have no problem leaving a champ like this, IF they limit hear possibilities by adding some sort of resource she uses, like energy. this will remove all these painful moments when a 380 movement speed riven caches up to a 560 movement speed Sivir. or a riven that constantly spams hear shield. Please riot, i don't ask for a nerf in power, i just asking for a way to limit hear ability to slam the keyboard and watch as enemies die simply cause you have low cool-downs no mana and high scaling.

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