Can we create a rework-revert that will satisfy both Katarina players and opponents?

Hello dear Summoners and occasional trolls I would like to adress this problem that has going on for too much time: Katarina. This is one of the many surveys that has been done about the champion and I can freely say (I hope) that Katarina's mains are splitted in 2 different thoughts. -People that think reverting her would be a suicide, and actually just want some small buffs/QOL changes to the actual Kata -People that think reverting Kata and balancing her around (since a lot has changed) would be better. Personally I think Riot should come out with a revert-rework, a mix of the two, to bring back the Katarina's personality that has been lost (Fluidity-Teamfight cleaner[*Coffcoff* Pyke *coffcoff*]) while giving a chance to fight back (Keeping in mind, that Katarina is one of the few champions in the game that has NO CC and the only thing she brings is damage). I'm not going to say that counterplay isn't fair (I just proposed to make her more healthy for the game and at the same time funny to play). But the reverted Kata feels too much easy to counterplay: You know exactly where she will be using her E to do damage (On the dagger), you know that all her spells have high enough CD to fq her up if she doesn't have the opportunity to get a reset, all her spells have a delay, all of them, making her too easy to read. Personally, after the 9 nerfs [direct and indirect]she has received in a row I never have lost a lane against a Katarina, it's way too easy to read her and it's WAY too bad for an assassin
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