Why people take Blind Pick and ARAM too seriously?

I love to play this game but i hate thing that people take too seriously Normal Blind Pick and ARAM.Yes you must follow meta when you play Ranked or Normal Draft but in Blind Pick i see moments where duo top for example i love to play {{champion:37}} and support {{champion:75}} at top so he can farm safer and get stacks earlier, and duo top sometime wins over team with jungle.I never flame if we're losing normal because its game like every other game and you sometime win sometime lose.Only thing when i flame is when for example some {{champion:107}} or AP {{champion:54}} wait his teammates die in order to take kills for himself.One time i lost to {{champion:37}} adc who had {{champion:412}} supp but he was high elo smurf who knew much more then me and he knew how to have fun.At other side Normal Blind Pick is mode where you're supposed to practice champs mechanics with champs you play bad and you have tried them in bot games but here you learn in harder enviorment with real people which is the key if you're going to play them in ranked.On other side in Normal Draft you practice and learn roles you're not good at like for example jungle,ADC,support if you're most familliar with playing mid.A time before when it used to be pick order in solo q you should a least decently know all roles in order to play ranked especially ADC and supp.At my view no-teamwork selfish player who is gonna blame anyone with "OMG KS NOOB REPORT" even ADC who needs kills most, this player deserve more to be reported than someone who have bad game because don't know to play defensive well.
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