"First time" In Ranked play.

We've all had that moment of terror, when you see those two words you never wanted to see. "First time *insert character name here*". It's destroyed MMR, Ranks, Promo series - it's tilted people and made the game unenjoyable when you have somebody who has no idea how their character works on their team. I propose a suggestion, potentially for season 7. Bring in a system where you need to have a certain amount of games or a certain amount of wins with a character before you can take them into ranked. This fixes the issue completely. Ranked is a place where players try to find out their full potential. Having a first time {{champion:163}} player has just ruined my promo's to silver, and i'm sure there are people in the higher ranks as well who have faced this issue before. Leave your thoughts below :) - KierenG
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