Support main wanting to learn adc and improve (champs : jinx)

So I am a support main and I mostly play rakan lulu and pyke. But Im intrested in learning adc. I started playing lucian but i was so bad so I played sivir I played her until i had her at mastery level 4. Then I continued my learning by playing Jinx. So now I have her at mastery level 6. Im also trying to learn Vayne. Even tho miss fortune and for exampel sivir is easy I dosnt think that they seem so funny. If you have any tips or tricks on the champs or the general roll i would be thankfull. I think I need to improve at everything yesterday I got flamed because Im bad at evereything so I think im in need of al of your tips and tricks. Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! {{champion:236}} {{champion:15}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:67}}
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