Could we nerf the braindead bullsht champion Darius is?

Really, this is getting out of hand, his bleed is insanely strong at 5 stacks, he gets a free {{item:3035}} from his E, when you try to farm he will instantly apply at least 2 blood stacks with his auto w reset, and will **zone you from cs for 5 more seconds just because of that bs**, then his W recharges and he can zone and freeze lane again, building a massive farm advantage. Then he buys {{item:2053}} - as little as that, coupled with his Q and massive base hp(and {{item:3044}} ), lets him easily take 6 tower shots and go **full autism mode** for a tower dive. He can easily {{summoner:4}} out and Q with heal(or at least zone out with) if things go wrong. **He can literally ignore minion aggro and just auto enemy because of his BS damage with fervor and BS heal with Q **Please, nerf his damage...
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