mini rework for Annie

She is too outdated her kit wont work well anymore. Now with her E changes her E has a very long cooldown u cant charge up ur stun quick anymore. Its easy to kill her now. her damage is high but she doesnt have mobility and she needs to get close to deal damage. Without her ultimate she deals 0 damage. The thing i had in mind is the same what they did to veigar Q a few years ago. Instead of point and click make it a skill shot with more range that way she can poke and will be less boring to play Her W should be a bit different aswell but i dont know how but just a little bit. Maybe Annie still works in low elo but in the higher elo she doesnt really work anymore its way too easy to play against her. I hope annie gets a rework and she will be like the annie in the origin story. And a new model Voice over because her current voice over is annoying. her voice over doesnt fit her dark child theme its more like annoying spoiled girly Its just lame that a powerfull dark firebender has such an boring gameplay Annie could be such an amazing character.
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