Does anyone else think the scrapped "new" Shyvana passive was way more interesting than the current?

So basically for anyone not knowing there was a iteration of her passive for like two days maximum on pbe which gave her Bonus-Stats depending on the Drake she or her team killed during the game. Like % Bonus Dmg for Infernal % Tenacity for Cloud and other stuff if i remember correctly Personally i was quite sad to see it was changed to the passive they now put out to live servers. It makes her quite snowball dependant. Good Team -> Many drake -> More MR and Armor. Bad Team -> No drake -> No Bonus Resistances. The scrapped version at least included stats that were nice too have but felt not quite painful if lacking. Besides it supported her Dragon Side and was quite original. While im aware that they might give it back to her after more testing its sad to wait longer until she might get sth unique and cool again.
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