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There are lot's of people who playing this game just because is popular even if they no like it so much, and if they can't play it well or normal , this results in a mess.. , i mean if you not good at , you should try to be more good at it or at least no play it just to waste your time and make others players days awfull... I seen that there is a huge difference since new riot punishment system no one can anymore swear someone who is somehow going 1 9 playing normal ... ,this have no sense for me ,i mean what's the point then that if you good player to play this game if the game itself dosn't care how others people play normal... For me is a huge problem from this point cause people tend to no play anymore competitive and repeat mistakes over mistakes and never learn anything new , or study new/old/reworked champions so they can know how to counter them but yeah ... , i seen and people who loss with counter hero to people that they should counter... .. I didn't say that i never had bad games ,but most of the time i wasn't like just playing to have fun... , i was like playing for having fun and having the pleasure of being good at what i was playing ... ,the real pasion of all of us who play video games since these appear and we had the possibility to play them online it was to be more good than our friends , than someone else who play same game ,that passion no longer exists and is such a shame that the game no progress in this direction. ... So i grow up with lot's of games from bad graphics who looked amazing at them time to modern games , and now if it would be to play a strategy game is kinda like no one likes them anymore because it requires to think.. ... and league of legends as it is ,it is about rpg/fights strategy even if most of the players no see it... , it's not just about rush and die... , the mostly i seen happening in nowadays and riot not trying to share that in some articles... , most of the lossed games , looks like these been lossed from someone mistakes or huge mistakes maded by 1-2 players... , it would be cool if you loss because you didn't farm enought ,you didn't had how to escape enemy skills ,but it's not like this , and most of the games you are likely to loss because some people have more mistakes than you... ,and not regarding the fact you are a bad or worse player... , you can exploit enemy mistakes as enemy can exploit your team mistakes... ,and there is the problem , if you having most clean gameplay you still can loss because of someone else mistakes.... ,and it's hard to deal with that. My advice for everyone is new in league of legends , don't do what someone else is doing ranked , i seen many people testing new champions or playing champions they never played ranked... ,like they would be some veteran players of this game and would have the basics to play any champion decent , is the most common mistake i see in ranked when someone have his main champions banned , if you think you have nothing you can play good ranked you better dodge than just make experiments... same apply for autofill positions , it's not a shame to play normal games... , as most of us who play of much time used to play first normal games as ranked appeard just for challenge your skill , that no mean we as veterans no play normal games because is not cool , most of us play only ranked because we in fact know the game too well to train a lot on normal games even if that's not the best approach as pro players do warm up games on normal before they play ranked.. Lastly if you are new to this gam,or old try to don't insult anyone in this game , neither to answer back to anyone toxicity ,as this is not the way the game should go and how you should win the games... ,because you mostly need to focus on your gameplay and your mistakes not on anyone else gameplay ,if you have something to say do it in a kind way not in hurry and think well what you going to say it like , without to turn your team in a battle field between your personality and them personalities. Every time you trying to achieve something or to learn something put your brain into action and try to understand what you doing ... , even if you take an build from internet think about how the runes runs work with the champions skills etc... ;) , same apply about chosing when to fight ,when to go baron ,when to make drake ,when to retreat or stop the push.. , same apply to the times it comes to fight ,if enemy takes baron and many are death , you can't just risk to die all or just go there to offer them kills if you can't do nothing about it and steal the baron or drake etc... .This game is more about thinking about making combos ,about team work than most of the games you seen so far , because it requirs a basic common skill as team to win games. So play cool, be proffesional, TheCrazyBoy, Since 2013 or more :)
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