Who else is missing old morde?

Well for sure i know im missing him i dont think riot should have reworked him.There are many champs out there that need rework like poppy yourick not morde he was verry fun to play not like now.All these new builds it just doesnt feel like im playng morde it feels like a strange champion that is ad and ap at the same time it just feel weird.And now they are reworking Riven i know its cancelled but still think its a stupid idea to rewotk a champ that does not need it rework poppy she needs it no one is playing her rework champs that need it morde was funny champ not like now its my personal opinion i just dont enjoy playng him anymore controling a drake isnt that much. P.S-Pls dont rework rivens passive thats waht makes riven her passive just nerf her dont rework.
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