Bizarre MMR / Division situation

Hey all, I started the season very few weeks ago, low silver, got myself up to gold where I was only playing with Gold players for a short while until I went on a dreadful streak of like 10-40. I was at 0LP for a lot of losses, wins giving me 13LP and losses -24. An MMR website tracked my MMR and it was disgusting how it steeply went down. I was playing with Silver 2 and 3 players. Surely enough, I got the yellow and red triangles, got demoted. Changed my attitude, started playing a lot of ADC and have been tearing it up. With only getting 12 LP per win, my recent record of like 16-4 has got me back to gold. I'm still getting matched with mainly Silver 2 players, occasionally a bronze (which is depressing of course). My MMR is still low Silver 2 according to the website. Is this normal or has the website possibly made a mistake? How do i make this stop Thanks This is the link
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