Carry with AP Supports? (Lux, Annie and so on...)

Uh. I been having trouble in ranked. But it only happened after the season reset. (At the very start of season 8) I ended season 7 in D3. I kept playing in the preseason and was getting close to D2. {{champion:16}} {{champion:40}} were my highest winrate champions and also those I played the most. {{champion:37}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:43}} I played them as well. By my experience. Games were easier for me at D3 compared to platinum. Because of my play style has always been very team oriented. Anyhow. Right when the season started. And I went into ranked. The teams were SOOO inbalanced. Like. Sometimes there were s/ D1 players in the same team as a S7 plat player. And I just had a terrible start with my placements, and kept losing game the lower ranked teammates I get...and now I'm in platinum. I thought I could manage to carry myself out of it, but it just ain't working with the way I play my champions in this elo. In the past, I would play Sona strictly for lower elo and build AP on her, I carried myself that way. But lately I feel Sona has got so weak with her Q nerf, and I can't manage 1v2 in lane as I used to anymore... Playing my usual heal/shield utility champions isn't doing the trick for me in platinum. I know some good {{champion:412}} {{champion:53}} roam can carry that way. But those are not champions I want to play, nor my playstyle... So I have been considering picking up those 'supports' that I can just go full AP with. I know some play {{champion:63}} and {{champion:143}} . However. I don't like playing them, I just don't. So there leaves {{champion:99}} and {{champion:1}} or maybe even {{champion:45}} and {{champion:17}} ? Hell...even {{champion:22}} {{champion:21}}. I don't know. But something that can hard carry with damage, without relying on my own teammates too much. Anyone have experience with maining Lux, Veigar, Annie or those that I have mentioned as supports?

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