this is something i always wanted to ask jungle mains. Here it goes: Lets say mid is high in pick order and lower pick is jungle. Your Team mid picks Kassadin. Then enemy Team picks mid Orianna and jungle shaco. You decide to pull: Jungle Twitch Now it is clear from this standpoint alone. Early Kassa gets shoved in. Jungle shaco thinks: Lets counterjungle early and "cheese", or better strategical since he knows kassa gets shoved in and twitch loses 1on1 vs shaco The game starts, as expected Kassa gets shoved to tower is still lvl 1 while orianna is lvl 2. You the jungle twitch do your first buff but get interrupted by shaco. You ping franticly for help. What is the right thing to do? Kassa is still lvl 1 and by moving he not only useless but he would lose a ton of xp and gold , instantly forfeiting a lane that is already difficult to play. On the otherhand jungle mains go afk if laners dont help. And if they dont, they are on a bad setup getting counterjungled the entire game. I main ADC but i see this happening alot. IN scenario 1, where the midlaner goes and helps out Either the enemy managed to stall enough so mid is instantly forfeit without intervention OR they actually manage to kill someone in the 2on2. OR it comes down to smite = yolo, never junglers fault. I say this very anti jungle bias because i hate how they should know their matchups and plan their routes and wards beforehand. By either asking for specific wards at a specific time, scouting or starting at a specific place. Not to mention actually having some thought of what champion to pick to begin with. When this happens and the laner doesnt help, the jungler maons the entire game, either by not doing anything, afk or feeding. When the laner helps, and the laner loses because the jungler doesnt intervene, he starts BLAMING the laner, which is extremly disgusting to witness. Now at this point this happened so much i do not know what the right course of action should be. But i can only give the equivalent of playing lvl 1, and getting chunked... pinging for help and blaming the jungler at LVL 1, for not helping my lane. Sounds stupid right? i mean... i had games where i would thrown in things like:" play safe, buy a ward" when they get counterjungled and the shitstorm that came after that was unreal. So apparently treating junglers the same as laners is like trying to talk to feminists about equality. So by all means i really like to know what the right course of action is because not a single jungler ive encountered has ever admitted that its his fault for this situation and the laner should always help out regardless of circumstance. Plus if the laner loses because of this he is bad and should play safe and buy a ward.
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