Ermm hello riot!! Add position ranks to EUW on launch? This is Wrong!

ERRMMM hellooooo!!! riot we exist over here on the euw server and position ranks is one of the things that im looking forward to having to wait for a feature for 3 -4 months is just to be frank horse shit.. Korea and Na are ur little pets. idgaf if the server goes down for a day or 2 at least we have the %%%%ing feature implemented... iv been playing ranked for 8 years and this new feature was something i was really looking forwarded now tbh i dont care about the start of the season on the 24th... ur doing a battlefield 5 and releasing pretty much half ur new features 3 months after launch when no one gives a shit..... im kinda over this whole korea and na favouritism when EUW is clearly one of the bigger servers and thats no excuses to not push a system when its currently been active collecting data for at least 5 months now. dont come back with "oh yeah we are trialling it on NA and Korea because we dont want to piss of the EUW because they are so anal about any down time" just push the bloody feature out with the rest of the content.... it was the one defining feature that has defined season 9 special from all others and now ur ripping it from EUW for 3 months ? 3 MONTHS do you know how long 3 Months is in the terms of league of legends RANKED? its a %%%%ing long time..... with the small amount of champions that are launched last year i think i counted 3, (i dont care about reworks because they are all on shitty champs that are never played). nothing has kept me playing league but the new features in season 9... no frankly not interested i dont know if its because u dont want to piss off ur new fancy investors with a server that is having down time and if thats the case.. then i doubt a soul person like me is gonna even be heard by you.... its a kick in the balls to hear this 5 days before its gonna start... {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}} edit iv added a few posts from other people about the subject... i cant be the only one that thinks this is garbage
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