Well done Riot

Yet another season and another dissapointing time for league of legends. There are so many problems with the current state of the game i dont even know where to start. But let me try: 1. Matchmaking is a mess, autofills in almost every other game running it down because they refuse to dodge, the game is revolved around who can abuse the most broken champions, so usually every game is won in champion select, Its been several months and people STILL dont understand what the meta is, whats good into the current meta and how to play in the meta, and to top it all off, the matches are so coinflip you have to pray and wish with all your might that you dont have one person go into autopilot mode and run it down their lane. Very good quote that hits me harder everytime i play this game "It is much easier for one person to lose you the game than one person to win you the game" 2. The community is so goddamn bad at the moment its one of the major reasons this game is going downhill, the current meta is so revolved around teamwork which is the opposite of what most people wanna do when they play this game, everyone plays for themselves, and even if other lanes are doing well, if the top laner dies 5 times in top hes gonna blame jungle for not ganking him when hes perma pushed under enemy tower and then rage quits. Peoples egos are so huge its suffocating everytime they type in chat. People talk so much doodoo that you end up questioning how far their heads are up their asses. People just simply dont think any more and its whats ruining games. People dont understand what team comps are since everything can be play everywhere. Its actually disgusting how Riot continues to neglect people who run it down and actually int games, because simply reporting them after the game has almost no chance of getting anyone anywhere, and isntead you have to go out of your way to send a full ass ticket to support just for them to look into it. Until Riot fixes this toxic meta of who can one shot who the fastest toxicity will only rise. 3. The balancing. Oh my, dont even get me started about what Riot is doing. It actually feels like Riot games has fully and indefinetly abandoned the community and is solely focused on balancing the game for esports, which is understand to a certain degree since thats where their income comes from, but they wouldnt even have such a massive esports scene or any impact in the scene in the first place if it wasnt for the community making it big or making the game big, the best companies and people always remember their roots, and Riot has completely forgotten about the community. Mages are insanely broken and are the most oppressive category of champions in the game, being able to be played in literally any position and any lane, with the option of having the most versatile build paths and items, while also being able to adapt to any situation with their builds because of the versatility. All in all, there is just simply way too much damage in the game and its boring playing in a "hi... bye" meta. Tanks can one shot, assassins can one shot, mages can one shot, marksmen can one shot, briusers can one shot, supports can one shot. Doesnt anyone miss those days where team fights would last like over 15 seconds instead of what it is now where its just one shot after one shot after one shot. I understand the want for everyone to be a carry not matter what champion they play but that simply negates the whole point of roles and champion categories, when you go into a game of WoW for example, you dont play a tank to do the most damage, you play it to absorb the most damage and peel for your team, you dont play dps to heal the most, and you dont play support do outdamage everyone, all in all I think Riot has their priorities wrong and its %%%%ing up the game. 4. The system, soooooooooooo many problems, the client is ass, the way the game works is ass, the rules of certain things is ass. I still dont understand up to this day why if im gold 1 for example, and im doing really well from the start of my placements, I have a chance of playing against high plat/low diamond players. Like wtf is that? How is that fair? Im gold 1, not plat 1 or dia 4, let me climb playing against the skill level of the division im currently in, literally no other system in the world does anything like that especially in games. I dont understand why i have to be put at a disadvantage simply because of playing well. Also, another i dont get, promotions is already a tough thing to get through and in my opinion is highly unnecessary, but the fact that you cant dodge in literally any games even if you can see that youre getting trolled in champion select, blows my mind, why do we not have the option of being able to dodge the game at least once when in promos? The game itself is full of so many bugs and they wanna focus all their time on improving their skins and cinematics, the client is one of if the not THE worst client ive had to use, which its glitches and constant bugs. And theres so much more as well but it just makes me nauseous even thinking about every single problem in the game that has existed for so many years and still remains unfixed. All in all, i know what many of you are gonna say, "Why dont you just quit", To be honest, this season is the closest ive been to quitting, im a massive ranked fan, i peaked d2 last season and now im jumping around p2 and p3 with a 48% wr, where most of my games have been people just simply not understand that missing a few cs in a wave is better than dying, or people not understand what freezing wave is and going 0/10 in 10 mins. I really have been very close to just uninstalling this game, but at the same time, this game that ive played for many years is a game that i would love for to go back to its glory days where not that many people were unhappy with the state of the game. I love the game to death and its sad to see it in such a state, and every day i wish and hope for change but its getting close to the point where imma have to leave the game for good, simply because of how mentally taxing it is to play it. Ever since Riot got taken over by tencent the quality of the game has gone downhill and Riot has focused on season passes and skins more than anything else, analysts are confused with so many things every time a patch comes out when it comes to champion/item changes. Please Riot for the sake of the community start fixing the main problems and actually care about the community. Thanks. {{sticker:sg-janna}}
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