Should Yasuo be removed?

Yes. I am raging. There is no fun in playing against Yasuo. Even if you win lane,he scales too good into late game. If your champion has a big hitbox,Yasuo will NEVER miss Qs. Runing away from him is worse than figthing him. He is too sticky and too mobile. I never had a problem with his passive but I am starting to think that he would be perfectly balanced without his passive. Double crit chance?...really? who thought that's a good ideea? I am beging you!{{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}} Just delete Yasuo form the game. He is the champion that is the most complained about...and besides that silly "rework" you did nothing....That rework did literarly nothing to him. Nothing has changed! You still need your jungler to kill him,he still outscales everyone,he is still -undeniably- the easiest farmer and he still has no mana. Please! I'm really sick of seeing a Yasuo solo-ing a full armor tank. This is ridiculous...
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