Just another day at the office for a Support main. :)

_We get our Lucian a double kill early._ **Me**: Gj _He comes back and overextends into the enemy Tristana and Nautilus level 6 combo while I'm warding the river._ **Lucian**: Karma? Hello? _I don't say anything, as I see no chance in him realising he made a mistake that cost him his life._ _We get him another double kill, very clean. I made a great play with my Exhaust and root._ **Me**: Good job (to the jungler and Lucian) **Lucian**: Fu _I don't respond._ _We end up losing mid game because of fed Ekko and Poppy, they're pushing mid inhibitor, then go for Dragon._ _Our team ends up overstaying around Dragon after getting it, our team except me and TF gets creamed._ **/all Lucian**: I'm playing without a support. ..I.. _I end up making a great Redemption + R Shield play and we ace them, take Baron and take over the game after that fight._ _I finish with a score of 1/2/26_ ... _I say 'gg wp. you don't have to be so negative, Lucian._ _Lucian says 'ez' in /all chat as the Nexus explodes then decides he wants to add me after seeing what I can do on Karma._ _I happily DECLINE_ Love your Support, you only have 1 each game. <3
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