How is Riven, currently?

Hello, I'd like to ask how is Riven doing in the top lane nowadays? I like the champion it's quite fun but I have to say that I'm a terrible Riven player (not many games but still probably even worse then other new players). So I'm wondering how she stands right now? I'm pretty sure she is not at a super strong level right about now because with my other top laners I can play against her pretty fine and I kinda can't call her strong either unless the player is really really good (and I don't think I have met anyone like that so far ;-)). I'm more used to tanky top laners such as Olaf, Illaoi, Darius, Garen from bruiser ones I've been playing mostly Fiora for a few seasons now. Just to give you a few hints about where I usually go with champions. Thanks, no need to mention things like "play champion which you enjoy" and so on I already play what I want ;-).
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