LoL are dying?

Hello, I came here as a great player of league of legends, but I have not been a very good player for a while. Because of the community I see today in the League of Legends. I think ridiculous, I have to play with players who go afk or who do not stop giving flamme to others. I think the League of Legends was once a 100% game and now it's slowly dying because its gameplay does not develop anymore or Riot creates champions who think they're going to attract people but only lets them wonder " because ? ". I'm tired of listening to people asking Nerf for more than 5 champions a day, I'm tired of going into a match and for anything I take with flamme and I'm fed up with every game I play to make me feel less like playing a game that I liked so much . I play league of legends at 5 years and since a good 2 years to the game that made me come home with a pica to turn on the computer ... today I look at it and simply leaves me confused and nostalgic of old times.{{sticker:sg-soraka}}
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