Star Guardian skins for 2018?

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Hello, There are many people wondering if riot will make mew SG skins this year. I personally really like this event and i hope they will release a new group of SGs. Who do you guys wanted to see as a Star Guardian? I personally would like to see : "  {{champion:51}} ,  {{champion:39}}  ,{{champion:163}} {{champion:89}} , {{champion:498}} &{{champion:497}} ;,  {{champion:67}} ,  {{champion:25}} ,; {{champion:37}} , ,  {{champion:145}} , {{champion:202}} ,{{champion:131}} , {{champion:245}} and  {{champion:55}} ,,. So if i had to choose 5 and most possible candidates i would say : " {{champion:51}}  , {{champion:39}} , {{champion:37}} , {{champion:163}}  ". And as for the leader i would prefere to be " {{champion:55}}  ,,. My opinion is that Katarina would be a very good choice, because she used to murder people to bring justice, but she could end up beeing good saving the world ( like SG Syndra). Besides Katarina doesnt have any legendary skin and she would be very stunning as a Star Guardian leader. Also the previous teams have Lux and Ahri for leaders. Lux Ahri and Katarina are the most popular girls in league of legends so it will be logical for Katarina to be the new leader. What are your thoughs about my personal Star guardian candidates? Who do you prefere to see in the new team? *Do you believe that riot will release them this year or the next?
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