Let's talk about Ezreal

To start things off,this is the first time I'm posting here. I main all types of adc-s and Ezreal just happened to be my most played adc. I remember how busted he was at the start of season 9 due to his kleptomancy abuse. This was "balanced" if I recall correctly by nerfing his basic stats (AS scaling on passive) and reducing AD scaling on his q. I'm pretty sure there were more changes but I wont write them because I cant remember correctly. In my opinion something has to be done so he can scale properly.His main power was abusing klepto so he could gain early gold and become somewhat relevant to compete with other crit based adc-s . Now that klepto is gone,he doesn't scale nearly as good as he did before. With all this changes (new items,crit items reworked ...) I think that other marksmen will simply outshine him and leave him to rot in the museum. Maybe reverting Ezreal stats prior to introduction of kleptomancy might do the trick . After all,his stats were nerfed as a way to prevent him from being overpowered by klepto in the first place. With the removal of kleptomancy,it's only logical his stats return to the way they were.
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