What champions do people rage at mostly and what makes them so broken?!

I will make a list here of all champions and I'll write a word or two about them..my opinions and opinions of people I heared in games up until now.I'm not obsessed with this game or something like that,but I felt like doing this,just cause I was bored atm xD.Please - no hate!So here it goes: >>{{champion:266}} Aatrox - Pretty much in balance,people didn't say a word about him being OP,broken or something. >>{{champion:103}} Ahri - Lots of negative commments, mostly about her R,cooldown is low and her escape is ensured pretty much every minute. >>{{champion:84}} Akali - Needs at least one skillshot,the way she is now,it's pretty much "let me buy hextech gunblade and gg" >>{{champion:12}} Alistar - Pretty much balanced. >>{{champion:32}} Amumu - Pretty much balanced. >>{{champion:34}} Anivia - Very squishy,but has massive damage.Also 3 skillshots,so I guess u can call it balanced,even tho people trashtalk her alot >>{{champion:1}} Annie - Completely out of balance,her R does enormous damage,even when she is dead! If u couldn't stun whole team,while insta-killing adc,it would've been a fine champ,but cc and damage - it's just too much. >>{{champion:22}} Ashe - Pretty much okay. >>{{champion:136}} Aurelion Sol - Great champion that requires a bit of skill. >>{{champion:268}} Azir - I don't see why he isn't nerfed yet.Every game against azir in late game is a lose.He just needs to summon his soldiers and autoattack with them.Damage is unreal. >>{{champion:432}} Bard - Okay champ,needs a bit of skill. >>{{champion:53}} Blitzcrank - I would love to see a rework on this one..Cause it's oftenly played and people don't even break a sweat to grab something and burst it to death with ap blitz. xD >>{{champion:63}} Brand - could use a little bit of nerf on his ult..But besides that,he fits just fine. >>{{champion:201}} Braum - okay champ,kinda balanced. >>{{champion:51}} Caitlyn - Range on this one is too much.Before her newest update,she was kinda low on dmg,so it was survivable,but those traps give u more distance and bigger dmg?C'mon,give me a break. >>{{champion:69}} Cassiopeia - Great champion,needs a bit of skill. >>{{champion:31}} Cho-Gath - I'd love to see his ult nerfed,or at least silence duration. >>{{champion:42}} Corki - Pretty much in balance,with his passive he gets brutal,but at least it's not lasting too long. >>{{champion:122}} Darius - Completely out of balance.I don't even know what to begin with.People keep raging as soon as he pops out in enemy team.Q's healling is OP,also deals a load of dmg,while giving stacks of bleeding to opponent.Slow after getting hit by w is too much,and ult is just too much..And besides THAT,he doesn't require many braincells to be played and to carry a game.Can't wait for rework on this. >>{{champion:131}} Diana - Pretty much Q+R champion.At least another skillshot would be nice,or bigger distance on ult. >>{{champion:36}} Dr Mundo - He was always a problem xD but I can't see for what reason would you nerf him.He is so much fun to play. >>{{champion:119}} Draven - Dmg out of balance. >>{{champion:245}} Ekko - With ap dmg goes skyrocketing."Nerf pls" can be heared in every game he is played. >>{{champion:60}} Elise - Pretty much okay. >>{{champion:28}} Evelynn - Sneaky champ ,but ehhh she is okay. >>{{champion:81}} Ezreal - after getting iceborn gauntlet,u can't even come close to him xD.Has lots of skillshots,which makes him a bit hard to play for adc,but this slow is sooo troublesome. >>{{champion:9}} Fiddlesticks - Dps on ult is maybe too much,but besides that funny champ and kinda fits in the game. >>{{champion:114}} Fiora - Hard to play,but dmg is op. >>{{champion:105}} Fizz - I won't be afraid to say that this champ is pretty easy to play.There is not a game where someone won't mention Fizz is not out-of-balance. >>{{champion:3}} Galio - Okay champion.Never heared even one bad word about him.People don't play him much tho. >>{{champion:41}} Gangplank - Interesting champ. >>{{champion:86}} Garen - Haha ,gotta love this one.I really don't know who the villan is there? >>{{champion:150}} Gnar - Requiers a bit of skill,Respect! >>{{champion:79}} Gragas - GOtta love the fatty.Could use a diet tho. >>{{champion:104}} Graves - Dmg too high. >>{{champion:120}} Hecarim - Pony was always a problem.At least nerf that ms duration? >>{{champion:74}} Heimerdinger - Interesting champ,and kinda fun.Nothing bad said about him. >>{{champion:420}} Illaoi - Completely out of balance - You can win a game 1v5 with this champ ONLY.After getting rid of her somehow u are left to face 4 more opponents?! >>{{champion:39}} Irelia - Could use a skillshot or two.... >>{{champion:40}} Janna - Best champion for support ever,pretty much best idea riot got until now. >>{{champion:59}} Jarvan IV - Okay. >>{{champion:24}} Jax - Please...put skillshot on him..I beg u..And nerf that dmg:D >>{{champion:126}} Jayce - kinda okay.Not so much played lately.Hard to play tho,I respect every player that wins a game with him. >>{{champion:202}} Jhin - This dmg?No comment. >>{{champion:222}} Jinx - Could use a nerf for late-game dmg. >>{{champion:429}} Kalista - Pretty interesting adc,which requires skill and focus.Fits in game perfectly I guess. >>{{champion:43}} Karma - Besides Q's op dmg,pretty good support (or mid laner). >>{{champion:30}} Karthus - Intersting champion ,requires skills ,never hated in games,ult makes him kinda OP cause it hits every champ alive on the map,but cmon cooldown is so long,u can endure a little bit of pain. >>{{champion:38}} Kassadin - I don't see why,but people often tend to flame players that use this champ.He is pretty much okay,except for ult's cooldown.That's sooo short. >>{{champion:55}} Katarina - Always was a problem,and I guess she will stay that way.0 skillshots,people flame stuff such as "ez champ" every game she is played.But crowd control handles her very easily,so I don't see much of a problem in her. >>{{champion:10}} Kayle - Always was intersting champ,no reason to speak bad about her. >>{{champion:85}} Kennen - Ult could use a nerf or two.. >>{{champion:121}} Kha'Zix - Q could use a nerf..yea it could use it SO BADLY >>{{champion:203}} Kindred - Maybe less jumping??This isn't super mario. >>{{champion:240}} Kled - No words,no comments..I except nerf soon. >>{{champion:96}} Kog'Maw - Attack speed and dmg are unreal,but he is limited to stay in his position while getting the buff,so I guess he is easy to assassinate if not in teamfight(if he can't get crowd-controled). >>{{champion:7}} LeBlanc - Unreal AP dmg.Even in late game. >>{{champion:64}} Lee Sin - Could use at least one more skillshot besides Q. >>{{champion:89}} Leona - Easiest support to play in whole game.Too much crowd control.. >>{{champion:127}} Lissandra - Very difficult(in my opinion),and alot of people share that opinion with me.Also pretty much in balance. >>{{champion:236}} Lucian - Double Strike is too much for me to handle. >>{{champion:117}} Lulu - Don't see a problem..So squishy and has good late game as protector of adc. >>{{champion:99}} Lux - Distance of spells,dmg of spells,easiness of hitting a skillshot.C'mon people??Am I the only one that sees this? >>{{champion:54}} Malphite - R is everything that needs to be done in teamfight. >>{{champion:90}} Malzahar - People used to flame so much about him before update,now it's pretty much okay(after spellshield's nerf). >>{{champion:57}} Maokai - Fits in game well. >>{{champion:11}} Master Yi - Could really use a skillshot,or at least a nerf on his late game. >>{{champion:21}} Miss Fortune - R is abnormal damage,no comments there.It's actually harder to miss her ult,than to hit it.I guess that's why she is called Miss Fortune? >>{{champion:82}} Mordekaiser - No complains. >>{{champion:25}} Morgana - Q and R as crowd control?Q's damage and root-time are so strong,but even if I survive that as adc,I still get stunned by ult??Okaaay xD. >>{{champion:267}} Nami - Great support,well balanced. >>{{champion:75}} Nasus - Pretty much balanced,besides Q's damage,could use a little nerf on those stacks' dmg. >>{{champion:111}} Nautilus - Balanced I guess. >>{{champion:76}} Niddale - Spear damage shocks me every time I see her in game. >>{{champion:56}} Nocturne - R at low-hp champion and spell--shield also? Hell no. >>{{champion:20}} Nunu - No reason to hate such champ. >>{{champion:2}} Olaf - kinda op? but still under balance. >>{{champion:61}} Orianna - prefect for a midlaner - requires skill,with R as crowd control.Dmg on R is great tho,but I guess that can pass >>{{champion:80}} Pantheon - At least a skillshot ,please?Besides that unmissable ult.. >>{{champion:78}} Poppy - Under control >>{{champion:133}} Quinn - R every 2 seconds? hahahaha good joke. >>{{champion:33}} Rammus - Never been too much,quite balanced. >>{{champion:421}} Rek'Sai - harder to play,good to see him played in game. >>{{champion:58}} Renekton - Abnormal burst >>{{champion:107}} Rengar - Oneshotting?Well I won't comment until I see that new incoming rework on him. >>{{champion:92}} Riven - Requiers skill,but too many easy escape options... >>{{champion:68}} Rumble - In balance. >>{{champion:13}} Ryze - Voltage too high I guess. >>{{champion:113}} Sejuani - In balance. >>{{champion:35}} Shaco - Heh,I guess u can't really hate him,can you? >>{{champion:98}} Shen - Always been a heroic champ,respect to that. >>{{champion:102}} Shyvana - Cool idea ,pretty much interesting champion. >>{{champion:27}} Singed - Walk and watch them die chasing u.No hate.:D >>{{champion:14}} Sion - Respect! >>{{champion:15}} Sivir - Respect! >>{{champion:72}} Skarner - Respect! >>{{champion:37}} Sona - Great idea for a support,still in balance. >>{{champion:16}} Soraka - Those heals are TOO MUCH.That should be lowered somehow. >>{{champion:50}} Swain - Press R and walk around your enemies with rod of ages.Kills happen pretty often,but your team gets most of them,while you wonder if this is your doing.Legit champ? >>{{champion:134}} Syndra - Harder to play,so respect! >>{{champion:223}} Tahm Kench - Haha,gotta love him. >>{{champion:163}} Taliyah - Seems pretty much fine. >>{{champion:91}} Talon - Damn,if it weren't for that bleeding would be survivable,but this is too much for adcs. >>{{champion:44}} Taric - Love >>{{champion:17}} Teemo - Please..skillshot!At least one!Always hated because of his easiness. >>{{champion:412}} Thresh - Too much crowd control.Just that. >>{{champion:18}} Tristana - Respect! >>{{champion:48}} Trundle - Often called "dummychamp".I guess that ult could be nerfed..can it? >>{{champion:23}} Tryndamere - Right click of the mouse is all u need,keyboard is not required to play him.I'd love to see people at least breaking a sweat while getting penta. >>{{champion:4}} Twisted Fate - Respect. >>{{champion:29}} Twitch - Op in late game,and a sneaky one too.But still respect! >>{{champion:77}} Udyr - Gotta love him.No skillshots,but u really can't say "no" to that stun that's incoming to you and you can't do much to prevent it. >>{{champion:6}} Urgot - Pure love >>{{champion:110}} Varus - Legit,except Q's range! >>{{champion:67}} Vayne - Please,a skillshot for vayne! >>{{champion:45}} Veigar - Would be nice to see a tank staying alive after getting hit by Veigar's R!!I don't even have to comment adc getting annihilated after it.Nerf,I beg u. >>{{champion:161}} Vel'Koz - Pretty hard to play.Respect. >>{{champion:254}} Vi - Respect. >>{{champion:112}} Viktor - Respect. >>{{champion:8}} Vladimir - Too much dmg,and healing right now.Was cool until a rework showed up. >>{{champion:106}} Volibear - C'mon,how easy can it get??Absolutely no comments for this champ. >>{{champion:19}} Warwick - Could use a rework now,been a while. >>{{champion:62}} Wukong - Cool champ,sadly played mostly by monkeys,but I guess that's the point. >>{{champion:101}} Xearth - Requires skill,respect! >>{{champion:5}} Xin Zhao - Oh c'mon! Buff the broken champ even more?I don't see the point! >>{{champion:157}} Yasuo - Requires complete nerf,every spell including passive is out of balance on this champion.At least nerfing that shield or windwall would be a beginning. >>{{champion:83}} Yorick - Waiting for new rework - last Yorick was fine tho. >>{{champion:154}} Zac - Range makes you rage >>{{champion:238}} Zed - OverPowered. >>{{champion:115}} Ziggs - Cool because of tons of skillshots,but I rarely see him played lately. >>{{champion:26}} Zilean - Why would anyone nerf this old man? No point! >>{{champion:143}} Zyra - Dmg output too much.
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