Renekton's Empowered E

I think Renekton's Empored E needs a rework, it does not add anything to the way renekton is played because no one ever use it, the armor shred is too low/too short to even be of use in comparison to empowered Q-W, we Renekton mains only use it when we don't have anything else to use, we have 50+ fury, Q-W on cd and no way to pop them anyway. My proposal is this one, **empowered 2nd cast of E keeps the bonus damage and reduce the cooldowns of Q-W of 0.75 secs per non-champion/non-epic monsters units, and 1.5 secs per champion/epic monster hit**. That would add the possibility to change the damn Renekton combo, which it's always the same, and gets even boring sometimes, E in, aa+W, tiamat, aa+Q, E out, or shoter versions of it if necessary. 2nd cast of empowered E could become the trigger for more risky plays, refreshing Q-W in a teamfight where u basically do the same combo you do in lane, followed up by some aa waiting for Q-W-E to come off cooldown. What do you think?
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