ARAM nerfs/buffs are Bad!

Who cares about ARAM? If you don't, why did you even click this? ARAM is a fun mode only right? Kinda! But not anymore. **EDIT:** Correction to title: **ARAM nerfs/buffs didn't make the mode more fun**! Due to frustration towards ARAM I might have explained my issues about the game mode wrong in this post before. The nerfs and buffs that happened in ARAM are pointless. The issue is Match-making. The champions that got their damage and/or resistance reduced are still not fun to play against. They are just weak now. The champions that got their damage and/or resistance increased are still not fun to play. They are just stronger. The changes might have made the champions balanced damage-wise but they are not balanced fun-wise (for me). Some champions might have gotten over-nerfed or over-buffed due to the champion balancing happening in summoners rift. The champion changes from summoners rift still affect ARAM and stack with the changes from ARAM. Poke damage might be less. But is still annoying to be hit over and over and over ... and that is not enjoyable. Champs like reksai , trynda , udyr might be stronger but they are still not fun to play. Their win-rate got higher I assume but the fun-rate didn't change a bit. Imagine an ARAM game filled with brawlers, bruisers, fighters, tanks fighting constantly. That would be super fun. It would not matter who would win and who would lose in the end. Match-making balance is the issue fun-wise. Ranged champs or 'cancer' champs are to frequent. _Hey riot games_: Let the op champs be op , but make it so that the players get to play them and against them** less**. Instead of seeing those champs in 5 out of 20 games , make it be 1 out of 20 games. Here are some **examples**: instead of seeing jayce 5 times in 20 games, wouldn't it be better if he would be seen only once or twice? Or udyr to be in 10 out of 20 games. _**This are just examples.**_ What I want from riot games is to make all champs fun to play in aram without touching their damage or resistance **Original:** Few days ago a friend asked me to play ARAM with him. I turned him down because I don't like this mode anymore. Why is that? **The buffs and nerfs ruined ARAM** for me. ARAM was never balanced. For me it's not even fun anymore. Champions like Jayce , Varus , Xerath , Ziggs (and so on) were premium champs and were very fun to play with and very annoying to play against. And champions like volibear , hecarim , aatrox , kayn (and so on) were never good or fun to play in ARAM because of the champs I mentioned before. How did Riot games handle this problem? Some of them deal 5-15% less damage and take more , or deal more and take less. This is dumb. **Getting to the title now. Why are those changes bad?** for me at least. The 'premium' champs are not fun to play anymore. They don't deal that much damage and die too fast. The champs that were unfun before are still unfun. It is not fun to get poked down. Even if it's less damage , it's still annoying. Any base change, buff or nerf to the champ (for summoners rift) will affect ARAM. If a champ like ziggs for example gets his ult and Q nerfed on summoners rift , he will still do 15% less damage besides that. All this stacks up to 25% damage some champions deal against others. Since all the fun champs (for me) were 'nerfed' what could I possibly play in ARAM to have fun with? Well I don't play it anymore. I've played ARAM few times just after the changes, and It felt like a piece of ..... and since than I haven't touched it. The buffs and nerfs I would have done in ARAM are simple. Just decrease the frequency of the strong champs, and increase the frequency of the weaker champs. That would solve the problem of getting 5 man tank vs 5 man poke team. I personally see ARAM as a fun mode. Wins and losses are not that relevant if you don't get to have fun. It has been a while since those changes were made. What do you think about this right now? How do you feel about them?
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