SSG skin icons, why can't we buy them separately?

It's quite disappointing that we can't buy the SSG icons for 250 RP each one. If you'd like to buy one icon but not the skin, you simply can't; or if you want the icon and the skin but don't care about the signature, there's no such option. They are only obtainable by buying the signature edition pack of their respective skin. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} The skin+icon+signature pack is 2240 RP, while the plain skin is 1350 RP... Dark Star Cho Gath + icon pack only was 1500 RP. So you're telling me that the signature thing is worth 1000 RP? I don't care about esports and some professional player signature, I just want {{champion:497}} 's new skin and icon WITHOUT any damn signature so I don't have to pay 1k extra RP for something I don't care at all.
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