Nerf Shen cool downs or make ultimate weaker

Even if I main Shen I have no problem in admitting that he's too strong at the moment. I can litterally melt bot lane 2v1 when I dive under turret. The damage he deals is too high considering that in the same time he's also tanky as hell. Here are my suggestions to fix him. Maybe we should increase his cool downs a bit more so that enemies have more window of opportunity to punish and zone him. Right now W and E both have 18 seconds of cool down. Increasing both them to 20 or 22 seconds should be fine. Alternatively we could simply nerf his ultimate that is the reason why he's so oppressive. The amount of pressure he puts in the map when he hits level 6 makes is just sttupid. That 175 shield every 200 seconds is too high. ----------------------------------------- p.s. I forgot to say that I noticed this problem when I play against bots at Intermediate difficulty. In all other modes against real players he's perfectly weak as expected. The rework made him even weaker so RIOT is on the right path. They wanted to make a champion for masochist players. They've been successful because I'm a masochist and I love playing him! [**I wrote a big thread**]( where I describe my feelings about this champion. Keep it up RIOT!

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