yasuo nerf? riot balancing team ignoring players?

every time me and my friends see a yasuo in the loading screen we know its a loss because he gets constant pentakills even in a 1v5 situation we cant beat him.i see requests from other players saying to nerf him all the time and nothing happens. does riot even test there game? Its obvious that yasuo is overpowered and it takes the fun out of the game.I feel like riot is just ignoring there players plight for a yasuo nerf or rework.if this continues to be ignored ill just stop playing cus theres no point anymore. To any yasuo players reading this i dont hate u because its great when ur doing good in a game but when you can 1v5 at lvl 10 thats crossing the line.Ive never met a bad yasuo player but that means that the chapion is easy to play. i personally will never reward a yasuo player after a game even if they did well because i know its easy to win when using him.Riot seriously needs to address this or ill just stop playing.I know im not alone and say down below if your having similar experiences.
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