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I really need advice on how to carry a really bad adc? because almost every single game i get a none adc main who is awful and i can land hooks and i try make plays and my adc just doesnt help, He doesnt know what he is doing and im like, Errr please do something then dies a stupid death over and over again then blames me and im not ???? I roam mid and try help mid laner because when i know my adc is really bad i roam alot because i can get kills for other people then my adc moans and starts crying, Its just annoying that i get players who dont know how to adc, I even ping them when going in and they stand there and does nofin or dies or even makes stupid plays when im roaming, I am not saying im amazing but comon the last year i have not really had any adc players who really know how to adc in ranked, This new Q with these premades are annoying. Please can someone give me advice on how to carry bad adc players? and yes i do admit i left a ranked because i was insanly getting flamed for his deaths so i left!

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