Need some Ahri advice

So I got my ass to Gold 3 through spamming Rakan, but I want to go back to mid and focus more on Ahri again. Let me first say how I play Ahri at the moment and then what I am planning to do. --- I start with {{item:1056}} {{item:2003}} {{item:2003}} {{item:3340}} for obvious reasons, and rush {{item:3802}} as fast as possible. It gives me some AP, Mana and Mana sustain, which in my opinion is neccessary on Ahri. However, I rarely finish it to {{item:3165}} right after this. I much rather build {{item:3285}} for pure damage or {{item:3157}} if I play against Zed or something, and then finish {{item:3165}} after it. I only rush {{item:3165}} when I am steamrolling midlane and beating the shit out of my enemy. It is cheap compared to the other AP items and the CDR I get helps alot at roaming, which I want to do to pressure not only midlane. So in case I am winning mid, it's a good option. For boots I mostly run {{item:3020}}. If they run a Yi or something like that, {{item:3047}} becomes a good choice. I rarely build {{item:3111}}, but if I do it's mostly because the enemy got alot of AP and/or if I lost lane against a control mage. The rest of the build is purely optional and highly dependant on the enemy team, my current score and the ability of my teammates to carry the game. {{item:3102}} {{item:3116}} are good defensive items I like to run. For damage {{item:3089}} {{item:3135}} are obvious choices. Another optional buy is {{item:3157}}, if I haven't rushed it against Zed already. Rarely I use {{item:3151}}, but in some situations it works. In every game I upgrade {{item:3340}} to {{item:3363}}. --- --- --- So now to the plans I wanted to try out. I've seen some people playing {{item:3146}} {{item:3100}} on Ahri for insane oneshot opportunities. But with the downside that the damage is less consistant, especially against tanks. But squishies die in an instant. I tried it in a custom against bots, and it seems quite okay. The laning is not as good as with her regular build, because {{item:3144}} is just a terrible item on Ahri, but {{item:3146}} feels quite good once it's finished. People rush {{item:3145}} and then {{item:3057}}, and then upgrade them. Sometimes they go for {{item:3152}} instead of {{item:3146}}, if they need the health more than the damage. Of course with this build your playstyle changes, you want to auto between each ability instead of just casting abilities. And this is also where your main damage is comming from, from your autos. Because this build is so specific on these two items, which leads to absolutely no flexibility, I should build it only in favorable matchups, shouldn't I? Or should I build this against a Zed or Talon? Also, at the moment I max Q first, W second, E last. I've seen pros maxing E second and W last, because "W was nerfed multiple times, it's a garbage ability now". I see why people would max that way, but is it actually better? Or is it build dependant? Like, should I stay with Q>W>E, but max Q>E>W when I use the Gunblade build? This seems reasonable, when your E holds longer you have more opportunities to get your autos into your rotation. --- So that's it from my side. What do you think about the gunblade build? Is my current build okay? I would love to hear some feedback, especially criticism and flaws in my logic, so I can reach %%%%ing plat this season xd
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