Do not start with Hunters Talisman in jungle

Ive made some tests with Soraka which is my main champ i play in jungle sometimes for a fun. Thing is I had huge issues since they changed monsters kiting behavior (huge nerf to AP champs) and now 5.22 hit it. So I did around 20 custom games with different runes and items. I always used same mastery thats 18/6/6, classic AP choices in offensive + feast+opressor+warlords bloodlust (as remaining options do nothing against monsters), savagery+secret stash,recovery+tough skin As a test, I wass doing gromp and was checking my HPs after Ive killed it. Here are results: AP runes with hybrid pen+machette = 240HP (126 dmg with Soraka Q/72AD dmg with autoattacks) AP runes with hybrid pen+talisman = 180hp (126AP/52AD) classic AP runes+machette = 170hp (126ap/66AD) attack speed runes (red+quints)+machette=380HP (117/66) attack speed runes+talisman=320HP (117/46) So what does it mean? Hunter Talisman is just bad to start with. Current jungle and its new items highly benefits anything that can rely on autoattacks. Non-tanky AP champions like Kayle, Tf, Diana, Evelynn, Akali, Ekko, Kennen, also probably Azir and Fizz (due to W which has really small cd) will be still viable, because they are scalng good with attack speed and can clear relatively well even without the attackspeed runes. Anything else needs sustain (Nida, Fiddle) or won't be as viable as before this patch (EDIT: right, it wasn't viable, but still doable, now its much worse if you try it) as the only way to make good clears with Orianna jungle is to start with attack speed runes which then gives you no benefit later in game. Also the removal of the purple machette hurts a lot, previously with any AP jungler even Soraka, I could just make 3 camp, get back with purple machette and then start with spell, then smite, few aas, another spell and camp was gone for no loss on HPs. Also the purple smite healed you. Atm, with Soraka unless I start with attack speed runes, I wont be able to make more than 3 camps, even with attack speed runes that gives me resources to do crab and one more camp when I go back its still not enough money to buy more than hunters talisman and that sucks a lot. It just gives nothing outside jungle and even jungle isnt much better with this, its far worse than purple machette before. Runeglaive solves it, but getting enough money for it is just pain. Especially when enemy AD jungler decides to counterjungle/invade you. As far as Refillable potion, I havent tested it, but ingame when I bought it, it felt really weak compared to 3 pots especially with Secret Stash mastery. The sustain is just too low for AP junglers. Might be worth it for AD junglers who usually has good sustain due to lifesteal or shields, but for AP i don't think so. Anyway, what do you think about masteries? I found the ferocity tree keystones really bad for jungle, maybe it would be better with resolve even as non tanky champion.

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