How long we need to wait for NEXUS BLITZ again ;_;

Hello, When we will see Nexus Blitz again? Its so long time without our lovely Nexus Blitz! +- 2 months? lol Actually, the thing what was making Nexus Blitz so enjoyable is that how dynamic and short game was (simillar to URF), and these random events. IMO Nexus Blitz was the first ever gamemode with pure fun gameplay - no competitive. First time I experienced that feel while first URF was published. But still NB is giving more fun for more time than URF what was nice but not for too long, after some time URF is boring because of seeing the same OP broken champs again and again. Please guys add again finally this awesome mode, IMO its the best gamemode released since 2013!!! Lets let it grow! {{sticker:cass-cry}}

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